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Power System Analysis and Testing


Power System Analysis

Project Location:

New York, NY

Scope of Work:

AES performed root-cause analysis of a 13.8kV feeder fault, which resulted in a site-wide blackout and uncovered widespread selectivity issues between four incoming utility feeders to the ring bus and various feeders within the campus. Subsequently, a coordination study was ordered and AES assumed responsibility for building and maintaining the university system model. AES gathered System data and relay settings from the utility sources down to the 480V double-ended substations to build and validate the model and prepare time current curves in the power system software, ETAP. Currently, AES field operations supports protective relay settings development, programming, testing and commissioning.
Services Provided
  • Power System Analysis and Testing

Due to the ring bus configuration, a substantial number of fault scenarios were simulated to assess tripping sequences on the ring bus and settings were optimized for equipment protection and selectivity in order to assure isolation of the affected ring bus section while leaving all others in service to feed site load. AES also assisted the university utility operations division in preparing a settings change request to the local utility and responding to Requests for Information during the utility’s review of the proposed settings. The campus is undergoing a major expansion with ongoing construction projects and AES has been acting as liaison to ensure newly added systems adhere to the system protection philosophy.