State Research University

Substation and Protection & Control


115/69kV Substation – Protective Relay Replacements & SCADA Integration

Project Location:


Scope of Work:

AES delivered turnkey services to replace existing protective relaying devices with new retrofitted protective relaying and real-time automation controllers (RTACs). The design modernized protection schemes and provided automation solutions to record events, time-sync devices and remotely control and monitor the campus distribution system. After thoroughly tracing all substation circuitry, AES was able to bring the substation drawings back to true as-left conditions and provide a foundation of record keeping for the campus. AES re-evaluated logic. AES also worked to redevelop protective schemes and provided intelligent programming to bring the campus up to modern industry protective and safety practices.
  • Design
  • Development of as-builts of the existing system
  • Material procurement
  • Relay programming
  • SCADA programming
  • Project management
  • SCADA and automation implementation
  • Testing and commissioning services
Services Provided
  • Engineering & Design
  • Protection & Control
  • System Integration
  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Testing & Commissioning 

The university’s existing protective relays were identified for replacement due to a lack of capabilities and event recording, in addition to reoccurring equipment failure. But, the university had limited existing substation drawings and minimal supporting documentation of as-built conditions. AES was also asked to maintain all NERC/CIP regulations, while providing the university with state-of-the-art remote control, monitoring and event recording of campus substations. During the engineering phase, existing campus protective relaying schemes were discovered to be configured incorrectly, with some providing unsafe conditions for facility substation personnel.