Eversource Utilities

Distribution, Protection & Control, and Renewable Energy


Eversource-WMECO DG Interconnect Program

Project Location:

Central and Western Massachusetts

Scope of Work:

AES developed and managed a program for distributed generation interconnects requiring control and protection witness testing and direct transfer trip protection schemes at various distributed generation interconnection sites in the Eversource West operating territory.
  • Develop site specific witness test plan template for interconnecting customer
  • Review submitted project documentation and interconnect application
  • Corresponding with the interconnecting customer representative in relation to witness testing and equipment being installed
  • Review interconnecting customers' witness test plan and relay settings and program file
  • Review interconnecting customers' instrument transformers field testing reports
  • Witness testing on site with interconnecting customer and based on approved witness test plan
  • Performance of in-service checks upon successful energization of the site
  • Completion of witness testing documentation to Eversource
Services Provided
  • Program Management
  • Testing & Commissioning


With frustration over delays mounting, Eversource needed help with DG interconnection.